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ADHD Testing

Are You Struggling With Symptoms Of ADHD? 

Do you suspect that you or your child have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)? Is it difficult for you to focus and finish tasks? As a result, have you or your child encountered obstacles at work or school? 

Perhaps you are the parent of a child whose teacher or pediatrician has expressed concern about their memory or inability to stay focused. For instance, it’s possible that they become easily frustrated when tasked with homework or a chore. Or maybe you’ve noticed a dip in your child’s performance at school, but you’re not sure why. 

Conversely, it may be that you’re an adult who struggles with certain symptoms, though you have never received an ADHD diagnosis. You may find that you often miss critical information in conversations and during work meetings or that your performance is suffering for no clear reason. Perhaps you feel as though you put forth an incredible amount of effort in your work only to have less-than-satisfactory outcomes. Or maybe you’re concerned that you’re being perceived as less smart and competent than your peers. 

As a result of living with ADHD, your daily functioning may be compromised, and your relationships are likely affected by certain symptoms. Maybe you or your child may have trouble managing your time, staying organized, and starting or finishing tasks to completion. And it’s likely that you often misplace things, can’t remember simple details, or become easily distracted. 

No matter your age, ADHD can make life challenging. All you want is to not have to invest so much effort into staying focused and organized so that life can feel more manageable. 
With ADHD testing at West Houston Psychology, you can get the answers you need to create solutions for a more optimal life. 

In A Neurotypical World, Living With ADHD Can Be A Challenge

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While ADHD can create disruptions and setbacks in the lives of the people who struggle with it, it’s important to acknowledge that the challenges brought on by this disorder are often the result of an unaccommodating world and not the fault of the person with ADHD. Our culture has incredibly limited and homogenous—or neurotypical—views about how the human brain should function, and we have built an entire society around such biases. 

Moreover, many communities remain uninformed about ADHD or have attached a stigma to the disorder. A lot of children are undiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or are written off as having a behavioral problem or being less intelligent. As a result, these children grow into adults whose capabilities are underestimated because they were never viewed as capable or worthy of success. 

Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is a neurodevelopmental condition that can affect individuals across the spectrum of race, class, and background. And though it continues to be a highly diagnosed condition, ADHD remains relatively misunderstood. Many of the presenting symptoms may also occur in individuals who struggle with depression, anxiety, and other forms of distress. And ADHD can certainly be a co-morbid condition, which means that it can be diagnosed alongside other mental health disorders. 

However, at West Houston Psychology, we view an ADHD diagnosis as an opportunity for you to understand your or your child’s brain better. And with our world-class ADHD testing methods, you can learn how to make your relationships and environment more accommodating of your needs. 

ADHD Testing Can Give You The Answers You’ve Been Searching For

Symptoms of ADHD can make life difficult and cause others to view you or your child as less capable. But at West Houston Psychology, we approach ADHD testing from a neurodiversity perspective, which means that we view it as one of the many normal variations in how brains can work. A proper ADHD diagnosis can open so many doors, and we want to start you or your child down that path toward success. 

Our ADHD testing process is made up of two intensive appointments during which you’ll have a chance to better understand symptoms and options for treatment. The first appointment is a 30- to 60-minute diagnostic interview, in which you and your child will meet with our ADHD testing specialist to go over presenting problems and the impact they’re having on daily life. As part of this interview, your clinician will determine whether or not to rule out other conditions—such as depression, anxiety, or autism spectrum disorder—during the evaluation portion of ADHD testing. 

Before an evaluation appointment is scheduled, we’ll make sure that your family is aware of what to expect. The evaluation is completely tailored to each client depending on the information provided by the diagnostic interview. As such, the evaluation process will likely vary from person to person but will have the central objective of finding the best treatment plan to meet your or your child’s needs. 

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At the end of the evaluation, your ADHD testing specialist will provide tailored recommendations for various interventions that are likely to improve symptoms and daily functioning. We take pride in our ability to diagnose with precision and offer recommendations that can make a meaningful impact on your life. And depending on what you or your child need, we are prepared to offer continued treatment options at our practice or refer out to other local specialists who can provide effective support and guidance. 

With a proper ADHD diagnosis, you or your child can gain access to the kinds of accommodations that will improve your performance at work, school, and home. You’ll be more aware of how the ADHD brain works and how you can use your unique diagnosis to better develop your innate strengths, talents, and skills so that life can feel less frustrating and more fulfilling. 

ADHD testing at West Houston Psychology helps you to learn how to make the world around you be more accommodating to your needs instead of the other way around. 

Maybe it’s time to participate in ADHD testing, but you still have some concerns…

  • Service Fees:
    For Doctoral Level Clinicians: Initial Session: $225 (60 minutes) Therapy Sessions: $165 (50 minutes) Testing: $150/hour (includes scoring, interpreting and report writing) For Masters Level Clinicians: Initial Session: $150 (60 minutes) Therapy Sessions: $125 (50 minutes) *Accepted Payment Methods: American Express, Mastercard, VISA, Discover, All Debit Rates are typical, based competitively (in many cases lower) for the West Houston area private practice clinicians. The pricing for testing depends on the type of evaluation. Please call for rates so that we can give you an accurate estimate based on what type of testing that you are requesting. We are happy to discuss this with you, so please call with questions!
  • Do you take insurance?
    We are in network with Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and United Healthcare and out-of-network with most other insurance providers. We can, at your request, provide you with a detailed medical receipt that you can submit to your insurance company for reimbursement. You are encouraged to check with your insurance directly to inquire about what is covered on your specific plan. Please note – submission of claims to your insurance company requires us to assign a mental health diagnosis. Additionally, evaluations for learning disabilities and ADHD are usually not fully covered by insurance companies as they deem these services “educational” rather than “medical.”
  • What happens in therapy?
    Think of therapy as a nonjudgmental, safe space designed to help you process your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. During your session you and your clinician will talk with the goal of guided self-exploration. We will work together to identify areas of distress and methods of alleviation. We work to build coping skills, create new ways of thinking, and change troublesome behaviors. Everything discussed within this space is confidential, and the ultimate goal is to help you feel better.
  • How does virtual therapy work?
    We provide telehealth services through our secure platform. Clients are emailed a link along with their appointment reminder which connects them directly to their clinician. You are able to connect by computer, tablet, or smartphone. The availability of telehealth allows us to be even more accessible to you and ensures you receive the support you need.
  • What’s the purpose of a psychological evaluation?
    Evaluations (also referred to as ‘testing’ or ‘assessment’) are a highly effective way for psychologists to pinpoint mental health diagnoses with precision. There are many instances when an individual may experience various different symptoms that cause distress, and feel uncertain about what type of treatment would be most beneficial. By completing a psychological evaluation, we can identify a diagnosis, which then allows us to better tailor treatment to fit your needs. Psychological evaluations are routinely completed for the purposes of ADHD diagnosis, and to assess mental health prior to elective surgeries or adoption proceedings.

You Can Find Solutions To The Obstacles Created By ADHD 

If you or your child struggle with disorganization, lack of focus, or underperformance, ADHD testing at West Houston Psychology can offer you solutions for how to make life more manageable. To learn more about how we can help or to schedule an appointment with our ADHD testing specialists, please contact us via email, our site, or by calling (832) 906-4434.  

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