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Arianna Lopez

Practicum Therapist

Arianna Lopez is currently in the second year of pursuing a Master's degree in Counseling at the University of Houston – Victoria. Her journey dipping her feet in the field of psychology has been a rich tapestry of experiences and evolving passions.

One significant chapter in Arianna's career saw her serving as a mentor at an inpatient treatment center specializing in providing crucial support to young women and non-binary individuals dealing with personality disorders. The treatment center had a pronounced focus on helping individuals grappling with substance abuse challenges, depression and anxiety, all the while incorporating family and individual therapy as a vital component of the healing process.

Arianna was initially drawn to the intricacies of child psychology and a strong commitment to supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Over the years, her scope of work has expanded to include a dedicated focus on working with women. Her overarching goal remains consistent: empowering individuals to embrace their most authentic selves and equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate life's transitions and stressors.

Arianna's dedication to her craft shines through in her unwavering commitment to the well-being of those she serves. Her approach encompasses a holistic perspective that not only acknowledges the challenges faced by her clients but also seeks to nurture their innate potential for growth and resilience.

During her free time, Arianna finds peace in the embrace of nature, especially near bodies of water. She also indulges in the pleasures of reading, explores various creative artistic outlets, and immerses herself in the world of gaming, spanning from traditional board games to immersive video games and mobile apps on her phone.

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